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Low Carbon Concrete

Low Carbon Concrete uses Ecocem green cement – the worlds most sustainable building material which helps reduce our carbon footprint. Ecocem is entirely recycled and involves no mineral extraction. Its production generates virtually zero CO2 emissions and concrete containing Ecocem is also stronger, looks better and lasts longer, making it the sustainable solution of choice for new builds.

Try Ecocem’s calculator here to find out about the energy savings that can be made on a build. On building one house alone, you can save over 10 tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent of leaving your car at home for over 2 years).

Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS)

GGBS cement is a by-product of the steel industry. GGBS cement has exactly the same chemical constituents as ordinary Portland cement, only in slightly differing proportions. Thus it can replace Portland cement by up to 85% in making ready-mixed concrete. GGBS cement is widely used in the UK and on the continent for making concrete. It has been used in the UK for over seventy years where the annual usage is now about 20% of the total cement market.

GGBS cement is added to concrete in the concrete manufacturer’s batching plant, along with Portland cement, aggregates and water. The normal ratios of aggregates and water to cementitous material in the mix remain unchanged. GGBS is used as a direct replacement for Portland cement, on a one-to-one basis by weight.

Benefit of Low Carbon Concrete

Fire can reduce the strength of concrete. LCC shows greatly improved strength after fire when compared to concrete made with ordinary cement.

Previously developed sites may contain contaminants in the soil and ground/water which attack concrete causing expansion and cracking, leading to accelerated deterioration. Ecocem GGBS cement improves the chemistry and reduces the porosity of the concrete, protecting it from sulphates. Cracking and voids will lead to significant damage in your concrete. LCC has

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